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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our body-mirror internal problems

It has long been known that certain types of individuals predisposed to certain diseases, specific psychological problems provoked the emergence of certain physical ailments that are somatizirovannoy signs of depression. More complex masking mental problems in the body, the so-called morfologizatsii them. This is a clear (or more often hidden) modification of our body by the action of psychological problems. Textbook examples is, say, early TLB under the influence of powerful experiences, or probably because of "goods everyday problems" ...
For example, the fear is of diabetes passion, hard work and intellectual unsuccessful - cause gastritis and ulcers, love leads to distress stenokardicheskim pain, sexual problems, provoking dissatisfaction vegeto-sosudistuyu distoniyu and subsequently hypertension, "exclusion" in his personal life leads to the disorder of appetite full - or lack thereof, on the contrary, to the insatiable famine-in the case of any subsequent exchange violations and obesity ...
But it is quite obvious cases. Worse, if the emotional problems hidden muscle strain.
In generally, it still Hippocrates knew when he said that the diagnosis does not begin with a conversation with a patient, a doctor with the observation of the way in which the patient is in the Cabinet as the robbers ...Lumineers Cost Price

How did the same undertook this so-called theory of muscle clasps, and how to have corporal strains to determine the nature of the problem? Here again, let us turn to the history of mankind.
Traumatic stress situation provokes muscle tension: it is a kind of readiness to respond to the stress effect. But modern man is not always possible physical detente. Or there is the possibility of action to respond, but it has not provided solution (say, enraged running room, "not finding a place "...) And if the movement thus does not solve the problem or if it is not possible to carry out this action-born detente tension is not the case. And is the so-called muscle clamp-yet, of course, very little, and with time passing. But if the experienced stress is not a one-time, a permanent, day in and day out?
Then mustered voltage, and there is some resistant clamp muscle groups. It is in principle possible to determine at what kind of stress the body has such a response? What exactly muscles responsible for "traumatized" area psyche? And in what direction to seek the causes of dissatisfaction with your life, and surrounding themselves? The main thing is able to correctly identify the existence of such clips and adequately "read". Specifically, there is a so-called telesno-orientirovannaya therapy. And in this case, the body really becomes assistant in dealing with mental disturbances.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Filling, checking and dispensing of drugs

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